They love marathons

We support Parakids

About ParaKids

ParaKids provides sports for children with disabilities, spinal deformities and overweight. The mission of the project is to make sports accessible to all children, regardless of their abilities.

Each child should be physically active

and have a choice of various sports activities. ParaKids carry out their activities thanks to a large number of specific sports equipment for people with disabilities.

We aim to raise funds

for the purchase of sports equipment for children with severe motor problems such as special tricycles for children with disabilities so that they can participate in marathons.

Based and helps to children from Bulgaria

This organisation is based and supports children with  disabilities, spinal deformities, overweight and severe motor problems who live in Bulgaria

They want to plant 3 million trees by 2025

We support

About is a nonprofit organisation which main goal is planting of new forests and trees in Bulgaria, with the participation of volunteers, young people and children.

9 years with tens of thousands of participants

Mass volunteer afforestation across the country – held over 140 events over the past 9 years with tens of thousands of participants. aim to plant 3 million trees by 2025

Since their foundation they already managed to plant over 1.6 MILLION trees with a hard work and help from volunteers and more than 140 events.

Each euro donated equals 2 planted trees

By supporting this cause with just 1 euro you guaranty 2 planted trees for better future.

New year, new program


Program “Run Help Inspire”

Dear runners and good causes lovers, our entire team is very excited to announce that from 2022 we are launching our new program 

We truly believe

that sport is more than just a physical activity – In our team sport means dedication, support and unity.

Runners are

people with big hearts and love to help, they are also visionairs and aim for better future.

That is why

we wоuld like to support with your help various charitable campaigns and causes related to environmental protection or helping people and children in need. Above on this page you will find information about the cause you can help by donating.