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Crypto Virtual Run


We challenge you to participate in our first Cryptocurrency Virtual Run with unique medal

Complete this virtual run with medal dedicated to this phenomenon – The Cryptocurrency. No matter if you already invested some savings in cryptocurrency or still thinking about it – you can enjoy our thematic run. We guarantee a fun and awesome medal to show off and wave in front of friends and fellow runners. Our team is engaged with running and in the same time investing in crypto so we decided to combine the things we love the most in one mega cool virtual run. If you are a dedicated fan of the crypto coins you can enjoy the full experience of the Crypto Virtual Run and buy the whole series of products with runners coffee mug and runners T-shirt and a runner buff.

What is a cryptocurrency and why to participate in this virtual run?

Cryptocurrency is a digital currency that can be used to purchase products and services but uses an online ledger, collects binary data which is designed to work as a medium of exchange. Digital currency offers more control over financial investments. Some people think that it is not a market opportunity but it’s a bubble.

The CRYPTO VIRTUAL RUN is for those who are not sceptic, always catch the new waves and opportunities. This virtual run is for people who don’t fear of the risk. 

Why CRYPTO RUN? Perun Team always tries to inspire you with hot trending thematic runs. We aim to create virtual runs and slogans that make you smile, that make you want to be part of. In that way, running will not be such a lonely and hard time for you. Cryptocurrency is just like the virtual runs – something new, trending, top of the edge. These two combines so well. If you run virtual you should read more about crypto and be more informed about this new world order.

In 2022 Perun Race Team will invest more efforts and ideas in creating charity runs. The idea to help while you are running will push you to train more. Our new slogan Run, Help, Inspire will drive us in the process of designing virtual runs.

How to participate in CRYPTO VIRTUAL RUN?

1. Make an account so you can start to earn loyalty points and rewards.

2. Add to cart this Crypto virtual run

3. Run on the EVENT’S SPECIFIC DATES 5th &6th Feb 2022

4. Run wherever you are, in your town, living area or even on a treadmill

5. Send a screenshot from your app to to prove you completed the distance

6. Your Certificate to print will be sent immediately.

7. Your awesome medal will be shipped 2 days after the run end date. We ship our medals with tracking worldwide.

What make our medals special?

They are a unique design, produced with UV printed technic, double-sided. Texts and shapes are embossed. These medals are just a state of the art and they are gorgeous for your collection of achievements

Join our runners  community 

Join our community on social media. In that way, you can find support for the rainy days or some other days when your motivation is low and you need a friend to support you.


Why you should try: Virtual runs are a great way to continue with your favourite running routine despite the Covid situation and a great way to earn beautiful medals representing your personal achievenets.

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