Running vs Isolation and Stress

Running works wonder for your Mind and Body

Running under Social Distance

In the context of the last year’s events, we all spend tremendous effort to remain sane. One of the best ways to maintain sanity is to go out for a run. After the Running Boom in the ’70s, when running has become a mass fancy sport in the USA, it is now again on the crest of the wave among the most popular sports.

There are two main reasons to fall for running. It’s easy to practice and works wonder for your mind and body.

Lockdown Rules

In these pandemic conditions, after several lockdowns, isolation from relatives, friends and colleagues we realised that things are not going to be back to normal soon and that we have to learn to live in a new way.

Running is emerging as one of the few options left to practice any sport, as all gyms, pools, dance clubs etc. are closed down. Running in the park, neighbourhood streets or trail is currently allowed in most regions. You can still enjoy this option and the freedom to go out for fresh air running no matter if you are an avid runner or a newbie.

Running is Accessible

Running is a relatively cheap sport and the most important is accessible the moment we walk outside onto the street. This is a great opportunity for people who struggle to cope with work and family. Running will save you a lot of time spent on packing and unpacking, driving and parking. Just put on your T-shirt, sneakers, grab your phone and close the door behind you.

Running Prevents Disease

Today, many doctors advise people to run. It has been proven to help lower the risk of having a heart attack. You can decrease your chances of having a heart attack by helping your arteries maintain their elasticity and strengthening your heart. Running will help you lower the risk of breast cancer as well as the risk of having a stroke. Running is good for people in the early stages of diabetes.

Runner’s high

While running your heart pumps blood at a faster rate. Then your breathing works harder and you mentally prepare for the challenge. You start to push yourself to go harder and faster. In this situation, your body starts to release hormones called endorphins. These hormones act as a stimulant in the body, resulting in what many call a “natural high” or “runner’s high.” This is one of the best ways to feel happy and relaxed.

Running kills depression and stress

Stress can actually cause a number of health and mood problems. While running you boost your ability to deal with mental tension. While running the concentration of the chemical norepinephrine increase that helps the brain respond to stress. The chemicals released during and after running can help people experiencing anxiety feel calmer. Whether you’re hopping on a treadmill, track, trail or sidewalk, getting your body moving is a healthy way of coping with tough times. With that regard, there are only a few things that can faster treat depression than running and exercising. Running practically kills depression

Increase productivity, creativity and brain performance

If you feel unmotivated working from home, alone or surrounded by the whole family the solution might be a short run. Recent researches show that worker who exercises regularly are more productive. Researches also show that a run can boost one’s creativity for up to two hours. Put on your running shoes and go out for a heart-pumping run instead of sitting and waiting for the “muse” to inspire you. Cardio exercise can create new brain cells and improve brain performance. A tough run increases levels of a brain-derived protein in the body, this will help you with learning and decision-making.

Easy way to Lose Weight

By running and decreasing the food intake at the same time you can expect results in weight loss. You don’t need a coach, gear, space or partner to run. All you need is to step outside and make the first move.

Boosts Your Confidence

A well-known fact among runners is that running side effects are: sweating, euphoria and GENERAL AWESOMENESS. By setting and achieving goals running can boost your confidence and self-esteem. This will empower you and make you feel much better.

Running is highly beneficial to your body, mind and spirit. Start today and you will improve fast. Believe me – even short runs will help you feel more energized, highly productive and able to enjoy what life has to offer.

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