Hate running? Easy Steps to fall in love with running


Running is hard. It’s boring. It’s lonely. And it doesn’t give you immediate results. Right?   

Although we do not think that any of them is necessarily a good excuse. We understand that love at first run is a rare thing, like in love, you have to work a little bit to start loving it. Running is believed to be the perfect way to get away from many health problems, both physical and psychological. So let’s give it a try.

If you look at it from another angle running can be your time to switch off and enjoy the outdoors. This will be your time to listen to good music or an audiobook, have a brainstorm or turn off your brain. Going to a therapist is much more expensive. If you run in the morning, it’s an activity that makes you feel fulfilled and energized for the rest of the day. Running in the evening helps you sleep better.

Alter running with walking

When people start running for the first time, they can’t run for more than a few minutes. But they pass right through the point where they can no longer continue. Instead of doing this, try to include walking breaks in your running. Start with exactly 1 minute of easy run between walking breaks. As long as you feel comfortable with this run, you will gradually increase the ratio. You will gradually increase the ratio between running and walking, while you can run most of the time without stopping.


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Another way is to run slower than you think you should. Start with the pace you usually run, then slow down. Also take short, quick steps.



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Experience different kind of running and terrains

If you’ve never loved running before, you may find something new for yourself. Try random running workouts and see which one you like best. Get out and run without any rules! Stop when you feel like it and take a short walk. Run faster for 3 minutes. Go up the hill. You may find that you like the calm and slow running or the adrenaline of fast sprints. Walking during your first runs is perfectly fine. It doesn’t matter how long or how fast you run, just have to keep doing it. One leg in front of the other. Experience different terrains. One week try with road running or the park next to you but never miss a chance to try with trail running it the weekend. You may find that nature is your place and expiration. Once you know which types of running you like best, take the next step …

First set your small goals
Instead of striving to do a 3k or 30-minute run as soon as possible, choose a goal that can be achieved in a week. Examples of achievable first run goals:
– Run 2 minutes longer than last time;
– Run straight for 15 minutes.
– Up to 3 hill sprints.

The key to success is to feel good about your achievement’s day after day

Even small goals can be difficult to achieve if you suffer lack of motivation. Beginner runners often face unexpected challenges. And if you feel your motivation is declining, try one of these tips to prepare for a workout.

Track your progress & Reward

No one starts running for no reason. Whether it’s weight loss, health or just listening to music – you need an app or smartwatch that will show you your progress. Put a smartwatch on your hand and you will feel like a runner.  Seeing the actual miles and calories will take your run to the next level. This makes it much easier to see small improvements. 
Reward yourself with something special. As with any habit you try to form, the reward is important. It can be something simple – like the post-run picture and an Instagram tag, or a medal, a home made energy bar or a new running gear. Always do something after running that will make you feel good.

Join a community

Runners are not always set up to run. Fact!!! If you join a community of runners you will meet a bunch of people who love to be together, who have the exact problems like you and suffer during the run just like you. It’s not just you who are miserable.

Take your first race

Subscribe for the shortest distance something like 5K and go to a marathon. Just being there among runners and the feeling that you participate in the marathon will boost your ego and motivation to keep running at least a month more.



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