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KOM - EMINE Long Distance Path E3

600 km Mission: run, walk  or bike 600km in convenient time and place for you KOM-EMINE is an epic and legendary route. Part of E3 long distance walking path that cross most of the European countries. Its length is 600 km and the total denivelation is over 30,000 meters - equivalent to climbing and descending over 5,000 floors. KOM-EMINE follows the main ridge of Balkan Mountains from Mount Kom at the border with Serbia to the Black Sea coast – Cape Emine. Due to its length and altitude, Kom–Emine counts among Europe's longest uninterrupted high-mountain trails; it is Bulgaria's longest, oldest and most famous hiking trail. Crossed for a first time in 1933, it becomes extremely popular and legendary. The itinerary pass hundreds of kilometres through remote areas, stunning national parks, rocky peaks, beautiful caves, waterfalls and small huts. Only professional and tough runners are able to complete it.  The most interesting part of the route is its middle section through Central Balkan National Park, including the highest point of the mountain – Mount Botev (2376 m).
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Panton tunior chair

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Girls Can Run 5, 10 or 20km

This challenge is made for women who love to run. Run 5, 10 or 20km and earn this piece of art girlish, colourful medal. It's proven girls - LIFE IS BETTER IN RUNNING SHOES. No matter how busy or tired you are never miss a run.
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