Faster your 5K

5K are very popular runs. That distance gives you the chance to improve your speed, power and endurance. It doesn’t take long and is easily achievable and in the same time prepares you for the longer distances.

Make a Benchmark workout to establish your level
This is your starting point to work from and you can track your progress. When you run your benchmark workout its better if you have run at least once 5K before. Otherwise you can start with beginners 5K plan.
If you are experienced runner, this benchmark workout is not about running your fastest 5K ever. Make sure you can train on similar terrain.
Speed Improving Training Plan
If you want to run fast, you need to run fast. This plan is to improve on what you did four weeks ago


4 weeks plan

Improve your 5K time

5K PLAN Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4
Monday Rest Rest Rest Rest
Tuesday Hill sprints workout Descending Ladder intarvals 8 x 400m workout 5 x 1K workout
Wednesday Recovery run 30-50 min Recovery run 40-60 min Recovery run 40-60 min Recovery run 40-60 min
Thursday 5K Benchmark test Short, Hard Intervals 8-12 x200m workout 3Miles easy +Strides
Friday Rest Rest Rest Rest
Saturday Long run 4-6 miles Long run 6-8 miles Long run 6-8 miles Long run 6-10 miles
Sunday Easy run to cross train: 20-40 min Easy run to cross train: 30-50 min Easy run to cross train: 30-50 min Easy run to cross train: 30-50 min

Hill Sprints:

Warmup, 3 miles easy, 5 to 6 x 20-second short hill sprints at maximum bursts of energy + full recovery than Cooldown

Descending Ladder Intervals:

Heating, 5-, 4-, 3-, 2-, 1-minute intervals at 90-percent effort with a 1-minute recovery jog in between each, Cooldown

Short Hard Intervals:

1-mile warmup, 2 miles of 15 seconds hard + 30 seconds jog, Cooldown

8 x 400s

Heating, 8 x 400m (or 2 minutes) starting at 10K pace or 80-percent effort for the first and working your way down to mile pace or 100-percent effort for the last with 90 seconds rest after each, Cooldown

8-12 x 200s

Warmup, 8 to 12 x 200m (or 1 minute) at goal 5K pace with “floating recovery” 200m jog after each, Cooldown

5 x 1K

Warmup, 5 x 1K at 10k pace with 90 seconds jogging after each interval, Cooldown

Easy Run + Striders

Heating, 3 miles easy, 5 to 6 striders to refresh mechanics and work on turnover, Cooldown

This plan by runnersworld

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