From Road to Trail Run

Here’s how to prepare Once you’ve cope with a marathon, there are two options to venture yourself further. First one is to increase your distance and the second is to make the identical distance but more difficult by switching the terrain.

But running a marathon on the trail isn’t the same as running one the road. A trail run lets you step outside the pace. And whilest there are pluses ( less impact on your body) a trail running comes with different elevation changes, different strength requirements.

Trail can be a totally different experience from the road
It’s the same as training on hills or a excessive incline on the treadmil for a hilly race course. That’s going to help your body adapt to the changes in elevation and the constantly changing terrain.

The balance and strenght are most important. It’s crucial to make time for cross-training. We all know runners are not great at cross-training. Here is the big difference with the road running. The uneven terrain of a trail, can cause serious stability challenges. On a trail run you are escaping rocks and roots, this is tought challenge for a road runner.

Exercises For Trail Runners
It’s very important to work on your foot and ankle strength. You ought to do lots of single-leg stability exercises (this may include single-leg deadlifts, jumping and landing on one foot, or balancing also good option is the Bosu ball).
A strong core is essential and it’s going to help keep you upright. You have to include at least one day of strength training in your plan.

Don’t be affraid to hike
Road runners are obsess over their pace. Don’t worry about your pace, due to the fact each mile is different. On a trail terrain one mile could cover a 1,000 foot elevation gain and the next mile could be totally flat. You can’t compare them. Pay attention to your effort level. And don’t be afraid to hike. A lots of road runners have the mindset that you have to run everything, but in trail running sometimes its better to hike and save your power.

What you need to carry
When you’re out in the woods most important is a good running vest, a perfect device for hauling your essentials. The best running vests are like extension of your back. Next is a waterproof running jacket, carry with you a band-aid, water, food to keep you fueled, toilet paper, runners gel, wistle, bells (if you want to avoid animals) and a pair of good trail run shoes.

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