Elly Djerahova

FOUNDER, Thessaloniki night half marathon


This startup was born in the insecure and fearsome first months of the pandemic lockdown. My initial aim was to give people an opportunity to stay healthy and happy by running. No one can say it better than Amby Burfoot the Boston marathon winner from 1968: “As we run we become”. As I run I becоme a happier, stronger and more successful version of myself. Running helped me reveal my inner strength and courage. 

"As we run we become"

Amby Burfoot - Boston Marathon Winner 1968

Our team.

Elly Djerahova

Founder, Digital Marketing and Advertising Manager, Content creator and Athletes support

Avid runner, mother of two junior runners. My favourite distance is the half marathon. Long enough to challenge you but still within the accessible range. I personally prefer the road, rather than the rough and insecure trail paths.

Sashi Mikova

Blogger, Freelance translator

Mother of two, addicted to nature and bike. I love riding in the mountain, contemplating the scenery and enjoying fresh air. Trails gives me sense of freedom, accomplishment and a healthy dose of adrenaline.

Denis Topov

Web designer, Author

Web designer, Content creator and SEO. Author and writer of books. Love the nature and sports. Time spend in the mountain keeps my balance between work and  rest

The mission.



 Is to create interesting virtual challenges for running, cycling and walking, which will give you the opportunity to stay engaged and involved with your favourite activities despite our busy family and career life.




We would be happy to quench your thirst for new conquests. Help you to be the better version of yourself. Look in the mirror - this is your only competition. 

Involve your friends and family in virtual runs members to be more ambitious about sport and a healthy lifestyle.




If you want to support my mission and like what I'm doing you can support me HERE

Charity programs we support

New year, new program

Run Help Inspire.

Program “Run Help Inspire”

Dear runners and good causes lovers, our entire team is very excited to announce that from 2022 we are launching our new 

We truly believe

that sport is more than just a physical activity – In our team sport means dedication, support and unity.

You will be able to donate by participating in the virtual runs

Runners are

people with big hearts and love to help, they are also visionairs and aim for better future.

That is why

we wоuld like to support with your help various charitable campaigns and causes related to environmental protection or helping people and children in need. Above on this page you will find information about the cause you can help by donating.

Our perunners experience.

Eric Watson

Web Developer
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