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Achilles virtual marathon & running challenge 20km


Achilles virtual marathon
We challenge you to complete 20K & Earn unique medal

Complete this virtual marathon to honour the greatest of all warriors in Greek mythology. Achilles son of Peleus – king of the Myrmidons, and the sea nymph, Thetis.  We design a special Achilles virtual running challenge 20km with an exceptional UV printed and double-sided medal. We released this virtual marathon in September 2021 and it’s already one of the best sellers. 

Achilles is a symbol of strength, power and courage.  Achilles was described also as the bravest, most handsome, warrior of the army of Agamemnon in the Trojan War. 

The medal and the special runner’s T-shirt with Achilles depict will be perfect for your collection.

Virtual Running Challeneges

How to participate in Achilles virtual marathon and challenge 10km?


1. Make an account so you can start to earn loyalty points and rewards.

2. Add to cart this Achilles virtual marathon and running challenge 20km

3. Set a goal in your app same as virtual challenge distance -20km. Complete this distance anyplace by running, walking or cycling. 

4. Send a screenshot from your app to

5. Your Certificate and awesome medal are on the way to you

What make our medals special?

They are a unique design, produced with UV printed technic, double-sided. Texts and shapes are embossed. These medals are just a state of the art and they are gorgeous for your collection of achievements

Join our runners  community 

Join our community on social media. In that way, you can find support for the rainy days or some other days when your motivation is low and you need a friend to support you.


Why you should try: Virtual runs are a great way to continue with your favourite running routine despite the Covid situation and a great way to earn beautiful medals representing your personal achievenets.

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We have created a whole series dedicated to the Ancient Gods & Heroes. To honour Hephaestus and Achilles you have to complete the 15km challenge and the 20km challenge. Take a look at the beautiful runner’s T-shirt with Achilles and wooden medal display specially designed for your Ancient Gods medals.

Virtual Running Challeneges

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