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Yesterday I had a busy day, like most days for the past two months. Working on a new book translation and running countless errands has had my hands full and I can barely muster the time to enjoy my brand new bike. Every time I skip going out with it, I pat it on the saddle, caress the frame and sigh longingly. I hope my husband doesn’t see me when I do it.

So, yesterday I felt completely stuck with my work and decided to go out and freshen my head before darkness descends. I flew upstairs, changed my clothes, put on my helmet and went out as fast as I could.
Since my time was quite scarce with the impending darkness, I decided to climb above the village I live in and try out a new downhill path through the fields my husband and I recently discovered while taking a walk.
So, I started on the steep uphill leading to a military unit. The road winds between hills covered in coniferous forests and steep hollows. The view from above is truly breathtakingly beautiful every inch of the way. Right now everything is luscious and green, due to the mild temperatures and regular rain showers, until heat settles in and burns the fresh streaks of grass and wildflowers. Imagine all that endless greenery below blazing sky of orange and purple. It was a sight to die for.

I was taking in the view, contemplating the mesmerizing beauty of nature and inhaling this incredible clean air satiated with herbs when I took a turn a car came into view. It was parked on a small clearing beside the road and the back door was open. I could see a man’s head above the door and nothing else. As I drew nearer and came by the other side of the car, to my astonishment, I found out that the guy was butt naked. It appeared a young couple was having sex beside the road. I was breathing deeply and rather noisy since I had been climbing a steep uphill for some time, so the guy turned and saw me. Obviously, I burst into laughter and he scrambled for his pants.

Apparently, I was not the only one in romantic mood that evening.

by Sashi Mikova

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