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Run the Mile You’re In: Finding God in Every Step


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We will present you a series of books for runners. Some can help you improve and others can describe you the path along the dreams, goals, fithings, fears and success of men and women runners. We hope that this selection will stoke your enthusiasm for the sport and your overall running goals and running challenges

Run the Mile You’re In: Finding God in Every Step

By Ryan Hall – The Fatstest America Half Marathoner

Ryan Hall is an Olympic athlete and American record holder in the half marathon (59:43). story is one of encouragement and inspiration for readers of any age and level of running ability. As a kid Ryan hates running. This journey with Ryan shows you how his faith has helped him win in his workouts, races, and overall mindset. Ryan has a 20-year athletic career and past trough an epic failures and exceptional breakthroughs until he compete at the highest level. He is now a coach, a speaker, and nonprofit partner. In this book he shares the powerful faith behind his athletic achievements, running challenges and the lessons he learned along his curved path.

In this book you will find lessons on:

  • How to deal with defeat and disappointment
  • How to endure pain
  • How to focus
  • How to strive for the right goals for your body and mind

The book follows his running career—from his very first run in his teenage to the race where he set the American record. Inspiration for readers of any age and level of running ability or just a nice reading mater for the beach.

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