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Gladiator Virtual Race

gladiator virtual race

Join the Gladiators Virtual Race

Epic challenge and Amazing Medal

WHEN: Start now- No deadline
SPORTS: Run, Walk, Cycle, Swim or Row
YOU GET: Real Medal, E-Certificate, E-badge
DISTANCE: Printed on the ribbon
WHERE: Participate from Anyplace, even the treadmill
HOW TO: Use ANY APP or Smartwatch to track
SUBMIT RESULT: HERE or email a screenshot to
Worldwide Shipping & Tracking 7 days to EU & UK, 14 days to the USA by USPS

Join this epic virtual race

Gladiators were highly skilled fighters who were trained to fight to the death. Gladiators were selected for their physical prowess and often trained intensively to build their strength and endurance

Join the Gladiator's virtual race and push your limits.

About the Gladiators

Professional fighter in ancient Rome

A gladiator was a professional fighter in ancient Rome who would engage in combat in front of a large audience, typically in an arena or amphitheater. These fights were often to the death, and gladiators would be trained in a variety of weapons and combat techniques to entertain the crowds. The practice of gladiatorial games was popular in Rome for several centuries, from the third century BC to the fifth century AD, and became a symbol of Roman power and brutality. Gladiator fights were often sponsored by wealthy individuals or the Roman state and were used as a means of political propaganda and social control.

Gladiators' Skills and Training

Here are some of the main features of gladiators. Gladiators were trained and skilled fighters who performed in public shows of combat and violence. 

  • Social status: While gladiators were generally regarded as lower-class citizens, some successful gladiators gained fame and wealth and became popular figures in Roman society.
  • Training: Gladiators underwent rigorous training and were often slaves or prisoners of war who were trained in specialized fighting techniques.
  • Armor: Gladiators wore distinctive armor, which varied according to their fighting style and region of origin. For example, a Retiarius gladiator wore minimal armor and carried a trident and net, while a Secutor gladiator wore a helmet and carried a sword and shield.
  • Weapons: they were trained in a variety of weapons, such as swords, spears, shields, and nets.
  • Fight: Gladiator fights were usually to the death, and the combatants were typically matched based on their fighting style and experience.
  • Spectacle: Gladiator fights were often accompanied by music, elaborate costumes, and special effects to create a dramatic spectacle for the audience.

Gladiators were a significant part of Roman culture and that is why we decided to honor them and started the Gladiators virtual race. They were used as a form of entertainment and propaganda by the ruling elite.

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