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The Best Headlamps for Runners – Light up your Winter Running


Have you ever wondered about The Best Headlamps for Runners? You keep running in the winter? Awesome, well done! Take care of your safety and do not compromise. We all know that in winter the daylight is less and the day gets shorter. You are likely to run in the darker part of the day. Here comes the most essential item you need runner lamps or headlamps.

Where do you run?

Your running routes determine the gear you need. If you run close to a vehicle’s road it’s very important to be light up so drivers can see you. In case you run near secluded areas or parks you need more light in front of you to prevent injuries from obstacles.

Key features: lumen, battery, comfort

Decide what is more important for you: whether to have freedom of movement and a lightweight or rechargeable device. We examined the different kinds of running lamps and headlamps and we are presenting to you the most effective and loved ones.

Here is out list for the Best Headlamps for Runners

Pristar LED Headlamp USB Head Torch / Waterproof / COB LED / Motion Sensor from 21,99 eur at

The Best Headlamps for RunnersHere is our first suggestion for he Best Headlamps for Runners. This headlamp is a new generation design with 230° full vision lighting. It’s durable and IPX4 waterproof. It has a motion sensor to adjust the light. The sensor has 5 modes: turn on the COB headlights and XPE parking light by pressing the switch, with COB High — COB Low — XPE High — XPE High — XPE Low — COB and XPE flashing function. Light and easy to carry, with the adjustable elastic strap.

Petzl Unisex Adult’s Actik HYBRID Headlam from 33,95 EUR at
The Best Headlamps for RunnersThis headlamp is a well known classic. Proven quality by Petzel. It’s a hybrid conception, this means that you can either recharge or switch to a battery depending on the situation. Here are the key features of this item: 350 lumens; only 86 g; type of carrier: wide or mixed; power supply: 3 AAA / LR03 batteries (included) or Core battery (available as accessory); battery Alkaline, lithium or rechargeable Ni-MH
Avaspot Headlamp Super Bright / Mini / Sensor / 8 Modes 21,99 EUR at

The Best Headlamps for RunnersThis is our pick, the Avaspot headlamp is the ultimate winner in this contest. Take a look at these amazing features: 800 Lumens which is super bright. It’s USB Rechargeable, LED and the best thing you can switch between 8 Modes. Of course, it’s waterproof with a motion sensor. You can run up to 25 hours at low and 4 hours at high brightest mode. You can lighten up to 200-500 metres. Here is the most amazing – 8 lighting modes XPG White Light – High & Low; 8 lighting modes COB White Light: High, Low; XPG White Light: High, Low; 2 Sensor Light; Red Light – Constant Red Light, Flashing

LUTUO Chest Running Light USB Rechargeable / Waterproof from 19,99 EUR at

The Best Headlamps for RunnersThe design of the chest lamp is very comfortable to wear, as it weighs only195 g. and you wear it as a crop top on your chest, giving you more freedom of the movement of the head and body. It uses a 500 lumen LED light to light up a distance of 25 meters forward. The capacity of the battery is 2000 mA and can be easily charged via USB. The lamp has 3 modes, which you can switch in different obstacles. The best part is that it is waterproof and is ready to be used even on rainy days.

2. Alviller LED Armband

The Best Headlamps for RunnersYou can wear this lamp on your ankle, wrist or arm. It works from 60-80 hours and the batteries can be replaced when the current is low. There are three lighting modes, from which you can choose the best for the different situations. The LED armband is also waterproof and gives you the opportunity to use it in extreme obstacles. This is one of the Best Headlamps for Runners. 

3. Vivibel LED bracelet 12,00 EUR at

This one you can use both on the feet and on the hands, which ensures 360-degree visibility in the dark to prevent possible danger. The best part is that you charge it for 20 minutes and use it for 2 hours for many activities like running, taking your dog for a night walk, cycling etc. The LED light is highly visible at night and are comfortable to wear, as the bracelet weighs only 30 g.

5. Pravette Knitted Hat with Light from 14,99 EUR at

The Best Headlamps for RunnersHas a unique design and if you are creative enough you can be a great attraction at every party with the knitted hat light. It is Unisex and keeps you warm during the cold night running. It illuminates up to 30 meters forward and has 3 modes of LED light. We hope our list of the Best Headlamps for Runners help you find the best one for you. 

No matter which Headlamp model you choose, you will end up loving using it and doing your favourite outdoor activities in every obstacle.

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