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Pegasus Virtual Race

pegasus wings virtual race

Pegasus Wings Virtual Race

Amazing Double-Sided Medals

It’s time to spread your wings and fly

WHEN: Start now – No deadline
SPORTS: Run, Walk, Cycle, Swim or Row
YOU GET: Real Medal, E-Certificate, E-badge, T-Shirt (optional)
DISTANCE: Printed on the ribbon
WHERE: Participate from Anyplace, even the treadmill
HOW TO: Use ANY APP or Smartwatch to track
SUBMIT RESULT: HERE or email a screenshot to
Worldwide Shipping & Global Tracking 7 days to EU & UK, 14 days to the USA by USPS

Why Pegasus Wings Virtual Race?

Having a hard time keeping progress? Feeling tired of training and Lack of Motivation? Perun is here to boost you with our new Virtual Race. Self-discipline is not an automatic process- it takes conscious effort. BOOK PEGASUS WINGS VIRTUAL RACE AND GO FOR A NEW RUNNING EXPERIENCE

About Pegasus

Pegasus is a winged horse with divine powers and is usually depicted as white or light-colored. According to legend, Pegasus was born from the blood of the Gorgon Medusa, after she was beheaded by the hero Perseus. Pegasus is a mythological creature from Greek mythology. 

Pegasus is known for

Pegasus is known for its ability to fly and is often associated with thunderbolts and lightning. Pegasus was also believed to have created the fountain of Hippocrene on Mount Helicon with a strike of its hoof. It is said to have been tamed and ridden by the hero Bellerophon, who used it to defeat the monstrous Chimera. In some versions of the myth, 

What does Pegasus symbolize?

Pegasus has been a popular symbol in art and literature, representing freedom, grace, and inspiration. The creature has appeared in numerous works of fiction

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How to join and complete the Virtual Race:

Book now your Pegasus Virtual Race

Pick a challenge -> Track and send your results -> Get your medal
  1. Find and pick your virtual race

  • Pick a challenge that inspires you from our website HERE
  • It’s not necessary to create an account
  • Run ANYTIME & ANYPLACE to complete the challenge
  • USE ANY APP or SMARTWATCH to track your results
  • Run, Walk or Cycle
  • No deadline
  1. Track and send

  • Set a GOAL with your fitness APP, same as the challenge distance
  • Run at your convenience
  • You can split the runs
  • Complete the goal you set in your fitness app
  • Email us a screenshot or .gpx file to
  1. Get your stunning medal

  • As a reward, you will get a state of the art WINNER’S MEDAL
  • Unique, modern medal design
  • We ship Worldwide
  • We mail out your medal via post within 2 business days after sending us the completed challenge screenshot or .gpx file
If you have any questions – don’t hesitate and ask us 🙂  You can follow us on Facebook.

Join a social media community of runners

Runners are not always set up to run. Fact!!! If you join a community of runners on the social medias you will meet a bunch of people who love to run and share expert tips and would love to support you and motivate you.They have the exact problems like you and suffer during the run just like you. It’s not just you who are miserable :))


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