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Virtual running race between two tribes

The running tribe virtual race is a competition between two tribes. Join the tribe, run and contribute to your tribes total kilometers. EARN YOUR DOUBLE-SIDED TOTEM MEDAL. This virtual race was inspired by a indigenous tribe living in northwest Mexico – they ware Indians from the Copper Canyons. They have a special ability – long distance running. They were discovered and described by Christopher McDougall in the book “Born to Run”  in 2009. They were called Rarámuri or Tarahumara meaning “those who run fast”.

WHEN: 1ST June to 31ST July 2022
RECORD: Use ANY APP or Smartwatch
SPORT: Run, Walk, Cycle or Swim
Complete at ONCE or SPLIT
YOU GET: Medal, Certificate, Race bib, Ranking, E-bagde
Distance printed on the ribbon
Global Medal Shipping & Tracking (GR & RO 2 days; EU 7 days, UK 7-10 days,USA 14-20 days) Medal & T-shirt will be shipped out together

The Maori Tribe or The Apache tribe – Who’s going to win?

Run and contribute to your tribes total kilometers. You may monitor the competition progress on our Facebook. Every member of the winner tribe will get unique and outstanding E-badge and a Discount Coupon. Joining both tribes is not restricted. After completion of the distance in this virtual race you have to send a screenshot of your smartwatch to Your amazing totem medal will be shipped out in 2 working days. E-cert to print or share will be sent via email after your result submission.

Why being part of a virtual race ?

The virtual race are an easy way to stay motivated and keep up with your fitness goals and ambitions.

Most often they have an interesting and topic. The topics are linked with famous places and landmarks or holidays. By participating in the virtual races you don’t need to have a fancy new running shoes, you don’t need to get up early in the morning, drive and park somewhere. You can participate and run in your living area, the nearest park or even your treadmill. You don’t need to switch between different fitness apps and loose your sport archive and history. You can simply run with your favourite app.

Many options available: The virtual races offer variable distances. From 1K to 42K. Besides the place and distance you may also choose the time to perform your run. The virtual races are the best way to stay involved in sports despite you busy career and family life.

Submitting the result is very easy. Just send an email to and attach a screenshot with your time and distance run. Few hours after submitting result your colorful e-certificate, personalized with your name, time and distance will be sent via email.

Ranking will be published on our webpage after the virtual race end.

Your shiny double-sided medal will be sent in 2 working days after you complete the distance.

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