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Venus Virtual Run


Our new Venus VIrtual Run Goddess is here - Aphrodite for the Hellenes or Venus for the Romans

This is the Goddess of love, beauty and passion. Join our Venus virtual run in the month of love February and earn an awesome medal to inspire you

To honour the month of love and beauty we added a new goddess to our specially created series of Ancient Gods & Heroes marathons. In order to celebrate one of the greatest Olympian, Roman divinities and the goddess of love, we decided to create a special Venus Virtual run. I. our event you can earn a gorgeous and unique medal as the goddess herself.

The medal is released and you could complete the virtual run on the 12th and 13th of February, 2022.

The legend

Aphrodite is one of the most influential Olympian divinities. She was the goddess of love and beauty. According to the ancient stories and traditions, she sprung from the foam near Cyprus. 

Aphrodite was worshipped by all men, women and children.  She played a role in the warfare and politics of ancient Greek cities. Not so well known fact is that Aphrodite is not only the Goddess of love but also a personification of the powers of nature. Her influence can be seen event today and among the works of many artists. 

The Ancient Gods & Heroes Series

Collect this beautiful ancient design series of medals 

Each goddess from Ancient Hellas has an identifiable characteristic. Aphrodite is displaying her body to full effect. She is depicted standing in a shell as a child of the seafoam. If Apollo represents the ideal of the perfect male body to the Hellenes, Aphrodite is certainly his most appropriate female counterpart. And that is one of the reasons, we decided that the goddess of love and beauty is a perfect match for our series of Ancient Gods and Heroes. In honour of her, we created the Venus Virtual Run Challenge.

Virtual runs are a great way to continue with your favourite running routine despite the COVID-19 situation. It is also a great way to earn yourself medals that are just a state of the art and a gorgeous part of your collection of great achievements, which even the Greek gods would envy you for.

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Don’t hesitate – join us. Let the Goddess of Love guide you to your new challenge. 

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