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Virtual cycling has become a real game changer for cyclists around the globe

Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic broke out virtual cycling has become a real game changer for cyclists and runners around the globe. Everyone got obsessed with it in an instant and you could hardly get your hands on a decent trainer.

Naturally, I wanted one as well. Many of my cyclist friends claimed that after actual cycling this is the next best thing and that it makes it possible to maintain good shape throughout the winter. So, I went to the internet and started hunting this precious item. And, when I say hunting, I mean that it was out of stock globally. I searched every single dealer and website. Nothing. 

Finally, just before Christmas, as I was browsing the web with no hope whatsoever, magic happened. On 23 December I finally got my trainer. Thank you, Santa!

Throughout the whole winter and the countless rainy spring/summer days I regularly went riding on my trainer. I was beyond excited and highly motivated to use it. I believe it was the sole reason I managed to stay in shape throughout the entire year. It felt sublime.

This year, however, the novelty of the game had already faded away, I was less motivated to get on the bike, not to mention break a sweat. I made up all sorts of excuses which prevented me from doing the work. It was either too early in the morning, too late in the evening, I’ve got less than 30 minutes, so why bother at all, etc. Excuses! When you step out of your routine, it requires a lot of physical and mental effort to get back on track.

So, what motivates you to push through laziness and excuses? In my experience new gear can be one such thing, but the effect quickly wears off. Like gum. At first it tastes nice and refreshing, but it soon turns into something tasteless and rather hard on the jaw. On the other hand, if you are competitive in nature, like me, challenges are the key to success.

Virtual bike challenges are a great way to spice things up, especially when we talk about virtual training. They break the monotony of your workouts and push you to step outside your comfort zone. It works great for me and every time I feel tempted to skip the trainer, a thought pops up at the back of my mind – you can’t miss training today, you need the kilometres/elevation gain/time spent to complete this challenge or that. Without giving it more consideration, I put my cycling clothes on and simply go for it.

New Zealand



Egmont or called by the Maori - Taranaki is a volcanic mountain on the North Island of New Zealand. This mountain rises like a mirage among lush pastures, shrouded in mist. On clear days, her gigantic stature can be seen in the distance. There is a  rainforest on the low slopes of the mountain which is in contrast with the high snow-capped white peaks of Taranaki. this virtual bike challenge takes you araound the youngest, largest and only active volcano in a chain that includes the Kaitake and Pouakai Ranges. 




“El Camino de la Muerte”. The most dangerous Road on the Earth. This is the road from the City of La Paz to the North Yungas region in Bolivia. Bolivia’s Death Road is long about 60km stretch of winding road through the Cordillera mountain chain. Complete this fearsome virtual bike challenge. North Yungas road, known as "Death Road"  is a cycle route which draws 25 000 tourist every year

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