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The Running tribe – Apache Tribe run


The running tribe virtual race is a competition between 2 tribes. Join the tribe, run and contribute to your tribes total kilometers. EARN YOUR DOUBLE-SIDED TOTEM MEDAL. 

The rules of virtual race

We are very excited to present you our new virtual race. The running tribe. This is something that has never been done so far.

The rules of the game are simple: 1. Join a tribe, 2.Chose distance, 3. Run and send us a screenshot of your fitness APP or smartwatch with the distance completed. In this way, you contribute to the total kilometers run by your tribe.  

The more you run, the more your tribe progresses in this virtual race and move forward on the map. Track how your tribe is heading forward on the virtual race page.

Every participant gets a personalized racing bib, E-cert, Real Medal, E-badge. You can track your tribe’s progress on our Facebook page. Join our FB running group for motivation

WHEN: 1ST June to 31ST July 2022
RECORD: Use ANY APP or Smartwatch
SPORT: Run, Walk, Cycle or Swim
Complete at ONCE or SPLIT
YOU GET: Medal, Certificate, Race bib, Ranking, E-bagde
Distance printed on the ribbon
Global Medal Shipping & Tracking. We ship for 2 days to GR & RO, 7 days to EU; 10 days to UK; USA 14-20 days. Medal & T-shirt will be shipped out together.

The PROS of the virtual races

Boost your motivation for sports / Achieve your fitness goals / Keep social distance and still be part of sport events / Collect amazing medals / Save time / No driving & parking / Run your way 24/7/365 / Use your favourite APP to track your run

The Maori Tribe or The Apache tribe – Who’s going to win?

About the The Maori are the indigenous Polynesian people of mainland New Zealand. Maori’s people’s long history originated when they arrived in the 1300s. Their culture, rich with arts and tradition, is still a big part of New Zealand. Their culture is an integral part of local life. Settling first on the coast, they hunted seals and moas. They are storytellers. In their culture there are myths and legends about every mountain, river, lake and landmark on the map. Ta moko is the traditional art of tattooing. Maori can tell what is the status of someone only by the tattoos. Every tattoo is unique and different. The Maori language is no written language. The history is saved through stories or depicted in carvings.

About The Apache tribe lived in a large region called the Gran Apacheria. From Western Arizona to Eastern Texas including also Northern Colorado. In Apache society, men and women were important to the tribe. This tribe was a nomadic group, and their go round the buffalo. Their name is derived from a Spanish word ápachu, meaning  “enemy”. Apache were known to be expert guerrilla fighters who defended their homelands. the last war with Apache ended in 1886 with the surrender of Geronimo.

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