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The virtual races

Virtual races are a fun way not to lose motivation for sports and to collect beautiful medals for your achievements. Virtual race is just like a normal race, you have to run a certain distance but the good news is that you can run and complete the race wherever you like even on a tradmill.

boost your running passion
stay motivated for sport
have a goal to complete
push yourself further
collect beautiful medals
stressless way to participate in sport events
run your way 24/7/365
no fancy gear required
no driving, parking, cloth changing
gain new contacts on the social media & groups

We are Flexible
Perun virtual races offers you many options to make your race better experience.
You can choose: distance; time frame; sport; fitness app; split or complet at once. We accept many sports like walking, trail, run, jogging, swimming, cycling and fitness.
You can run your way with your favoutite fitness APP or smartwatch during the the best time of the day for you. There is no need to switch between the apps and lose your running history and statistics.

Virtual races Trendy Topics
Perunrace always try to quench your thirst for achievements with the most trendying races and virtual events topics. We design series for Volcanoes, Ancient Gods and Heroes Marathons, Paradise Islands, Famouse Bridges of Europe, New Year Virtual race, Crypto Virtual race, Platinum Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth and many others.

What we can give you more
We are all runners at Perun Virtual Races. We will help, support, involve, push, encourage and what ever else is needed to make you complete your challenge and feel strong and happy by your achievements. Our aim is to help you be the better version of yourself. Look in the mirror – this is your only competition.

What is special about our virtual race medals
Our medals are produced by innovative technology in the EU and combine many different materials as metal, plastic, wood and other elements.

There are different sort of virtual races
The most common scheme is to oppose two teams. For example, the Lionheart team against the Gorilla Force team. Participants choose which team to enroll in. Тhe regulation most often comes down to the the number of kilometers run by the team. The team with the highest total mileage wins. The more you run in the time frame the more you contribute to your team total distance run.
The virtual race might be presented as a charity virtual race. Par exmple the teams may support different charity causes. Than the charity amount collected will be donated to the winner team cause.
Most offen the teams are opposed on a geographical basis and by nationality.

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