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Virtual runs – tips for participants

According to a legend in 490 BC the Greek strategist Miltiades ordered Phidippides, known for his fast running, to reach Athens to inform the inhabitants that the Persians, led by Darius, had retreated. Phidippides left the Greek city of Marathon and reached Athens, very exhausted, he said, “Rejoice, we have won!” And died of fatigue. There is no evidence that this actually happened, but marathons have existed for a very long time. They withstood the test of time and today thousands of people around the world are involved in such events. Studies show that running helps with stress and reduces the symptoms of depression, moreover, it helps you focus and boosts your self-esteem. Like most things in our lives, these days, marathons have become virtual. A virtual marathon is exactly what it sounds like, it is running a marathon – virtually. As a runner, you register, pay your fee, and choose the distance online. The difference is that you can run the marathon at a place of your choice or even on a treadmill! After completing your marathon, present your time and provide evidence (photos) to show your time and distance. Usually, the results must be presented within a certain period of time. The virtual marathon can be held on a specific date or within a few days to involve more people.


As with a regular marathon, you need to train for the virtual one too. You can go virtually with your workout routine. There are many apps that can help you train for different marathon lengths and keep track of everything from calorie intake to mileage.


Whether this is your first marathon or you are an experienced runner, you need to be honest about your expectations for the big day. This is important for the virtual marathon because you will not have a standing ovation to support you. Pay attention to your body and do not exceed how much you can take.

Technical preparation

Just like with workouts, there are many apps that can help you track your running. This may be a requirement for your virtual marathon, but it is also a great way to monitor your health.

Social media

Share photos from your virtual marathon on social media! Your friends and family will not be able to attend or see you cross the finish line. Post photos before the event – this is an extra little motivation to make sure you participate.

Virtual marathons are gaining popularity, but with the introduction of social distancing, they are becoming even more popular. 

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