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What is a Virtual Marathon

virtual marathons

What is a virtual marathon?

A virtual marathon is like a normal marathon or running event but instead of all the participants gathering in one place at a certain time, everyone does the marathon in an individual place of their choice. It can be held on a specific date or within a few days to get more people involved.

Another way to call it is a VIRTUAL RUNS. Virtual runs and virtual marathons are the same things. Distance and time to complete can vary according to the regulation. You can either find it like virtual running events or virtual running challenges. Virtual events are organized on a fixed date despite the challenges which you can complete anytime you want.

Virtual Running Challeneges

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Is to create interesting challenges for running, cycling and walking, which will give you the opportunity to stay engaged and involved with your favourite activities despite the busy family and career life.



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How does the virtual marathon work?

It depends on the organizer, but usually in the same way as a traditional marathon. As a runner you register, pay your fee and choose the distance online. The difference is that you can run the marathon at a place of your choice or even on a treadmill!

After completing your marathon, present your time and most of the time provide evidence (photos) to show your time and distance. Usually the results must be presented within a certain period of time.

What are the advantages of the virtual marathon?

The most obvious advantage of the virtual marathon at the moment is social distancing. During the COVID-19 pandemic, virtual marathons offered a great way for people to continue participating without risking their health or the health of others. People do not gather in one place, do not touch things like water bottles, registration pens and do not bump into other people at the starting line.
THE PROS Virtual marathons also offer a great way to avoid the headaches that come with some larger events. You don’t have to worry about traffic, find a parking lot or put it on your busy schedule. Another huge bonus is the weather. We know it’s unpredictable, so the virtual marathon allows you to plan this by choosing a specific day.

Join a community 

Runners are not always set up to run. Fact!!! If you join a community of runners you will meet a bunch of people who love to be together, who have the exact problems like you and suffer during the run just like you. It’s not just you who are miserable. 


Why you should try: Studies show that physical activity while running helps with stress and reduces the symptoms of depression. Participating in a marathon or running can be very motivating. It helps you focus and boosts your self-esteem. Like many things in our lives today, marathons have become virtual. What is a virtual marathon and why should you try it?

Take your first race

Subscribe for the shortest distance something like 5K and go to a marathon. Just being there among runners and the feeling that you participate in the marathon will boost your ego and motivation to keep running at least a month more.

Virtual Running Challeneges

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