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Year of the Tiger Do’s & Don’ts


Tiger will patronize active, determined and persisted people

The host of the year Tiger will patronize active, determined and persisted people, as well as those who are not afraid of change. The time is coming for people who think outside the box, who are ready to take risks and bold action.
In order to stay in harmony with the patron of the year, you will have to be active in one way or another and react properly to any changes.

Tiger is unpredictable. In order for these 12 months to pass relatively calmly you must prepare in advance:

    • Make a clear plan for the next 12 months.
    • You should not leave the things you started, even if it looks like the result will be zero.
    • Step by step to follow your goals and monitor current changes.

The water tiger promises to help people who have serious events planned for 2022

Starting a business, getting married, having a baby, going to university, changing jobs, moving, etc. –
The owner of the year will certainly send a little luck to anyone who decides to take a serious action.
However, it should be remembered that luck will be favorable for those who consistently perceive goals.
People who decide to take random risks should be prepared for a “slap”.

Astrological signs & Year of the Tiger

In the first half of the year Jupiter will be in the constellation Pisces – this is a good time for Scorpios, Crabs and Pisces. In the second half of the year, when Jupiter passes into the constellation Aries, fate will turn to Leo, Sagittarius and Aries.

The basic rule for 2022 is - first work hard and perceive planed goals then enjoy the result and relax.

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