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Volcanos have been and will continue to be one of the mightiest symbols of the power of the Earth. They are vicious and incontrollable power of the Mother Nature. What better way to challenge yourself? Try and concur our new challenge.

In the birth of the planet Earth the entire surface was covered with volcanoes. Their activity was among the first events that continued for centuries and changed the face of the Earth. We all should follow that example of mighty power and activity and use it to change ourselves for better. That can be a great example we can follow. That’s why we designed a whole new series of special medals dedicated to one of the most powerful and challenging volcanoes in Earth’s history. Throughout the history there were many volcanic events that left their mark – literally and metaphorically. We chose the top 3 volcanoes that you can challenge against and prove yourself worthy of the might that they represent.

If you want to challenge yourself and exhibit the qualities of a volcano, participate in our virtual runs to test your abilities. Sign up for our Virtual runs now! Earn awesome medal, personal certificate, ranking,  fellow runners social community.

Here is our list:


Krakatoa is perhaps the most famous volcano. It is located in islands in Indonesia and to this day remains as one of the most feared volcanoes on the Earth. Its explosive eruption in 1883 is considered to be one of the most catastrophic eruptions in history. This volcano is so famous that it has two Hollywood movies dedicated to it. What better destination for your next virtual run?

Here are some interesting facts about Krakatoa:
  • The loudest volcano – Krakatoa’s eruption in 1883 generated the loudest sound ever reported in history. It was heard as far away as Perth in Australia (around 1,930 miles away) and the island of Rodrigues near Mauritius – a whopping 3,000 miles from Krakatoa!

As we started speaking of miles – why don’t you join our volcanic event and create your own history with the sound of breaking your record for longest distant and earn our beautiful and feared Krakatoa medal? Run for your life. Challenge yourself now.

  • The destroyer of worlds – Official records held that 165 villages and towns surrounding Krakatoa were destroyed and 132 more were seriously damaged. Nearly 36,500 people died, and many thousands injured, mostly due to the vast tsunamis which occurred following the explosion.
Scary, isn’t it? Why don’t you find out if you could escape the destroyer of worlds by outrunning it? Join our event and find out. Collect Krakatoa or it will collect you.
  • As mighty as the Gods themselves – When the volcano erupted in 1883, the explosion fired up hot ash 50 miles into the air. The force was about 13,000 times more powerful than the bomb that devastated Hiroshima in 1945.

Do you have that nuclear power in you? Use it. Let it go (as Elsa from Frozen ones said). Feel the power of the ancient times by participating in our event. Run with the power inside you.

So you can see why we decided to include Krakatoa in our volcanic collection of medals created especially for you. Our medal represents the ancient power of the nature. Earn it.

Sign up for Volcano VIRTUAL RUNS. Earn awesome medal, personal certificate, ranking,  fellow runners social community. Virtual events are organized on a fixed date. You run, walk or cycle where you live and complete the distance. After that you send us a screenshot and expect your beautiful medal and ranking.

Krakatoa Volcano Virtual Run 10K

The virtual run series about volcanoes starts with Krakatoa LAVA VIRTUAL RUN  8K




Vesuvius is perhaps the volcano that everybody knows about and it’s the first name of a volcano that comes to mind. Everybody knows that Vesuvius is the volcano that destroyed Pompey in ancient Rome.

It’s considered that Vesuvius probably originated 200,000 years ago. Although a relatively young volcano, Vesuvius had been dormant for centuries before the great eruption of 79 CE that buried the cities of Pompeii, Oplontis, and Stabiae under ashes and lapilli and the city of Herculaneum under a mudflow. We don’t want to worry you but Mount Vesuvius is considered an active volcano. It very well could erupt again.

Here are some interesting facts about Vesuvius:
  • Game changer – Before 79AD there was no name for volcano. Following the devastating eruption, it was named after the Roman God of the Flame and Metal Forgery – Vulcan. The eruption in 79 AD released a hundred thousand times the thermal energy released by the Hiroshima bombing. The exact death toll of Vesuvius is unknown.

Can you win against this name changer? Go against the volcano and find out.

  • Double power – Yes, that’s right. Vesuvius is formed of two volcanoes. Mount Vesuvius doesn’t stand alone. While the ‘main peak’ is named Vesuvius, there is another mountain which is attached to it, Monte Somma. Atop this second mountain is a caldera, or crater, which was created following a previous eruption. Mount Vesuvius actually grew out of the top of Monte Somma.

Use the power of Vesuvius and charge yourself with the energy needed for your run. Use it to motivate yourself.

  • A sleeping giant – Vesuvius is dormant which means that the sleeping giant can erupt anytime. So that makes the adventure even more scary and thrilling.

If you really want to concur this giant, you can participate in our event and go against the Vesuvius itself. Earn the medal for the victory against him.

Sign up for Volcano VIRTUAL RUNS. Earn awesome medal, personal certificate, ranking,  fellow runners social community. Virtual events are organized on a fixed date. You run, walk or cycle where you live and complete the distance. After that you send us a screenshot and expect your beautiful medal and ranking.

Vesuvius Virtual Challenge 18K/11mi

Continue your virtual run series with Vesuvius LAVA VIRTUAL RUN  18K


Cumbre Vieja

Cumbre Vieja

Cumbre Vieja is located near the heavens – Canary Islands, Spain. It seems that the mother nature decided to locate the hell near the heavens just for fun. What better place for our new virtual challenge? By looking at the volcano you wouldn’t say that it is over 125,000 years old. It still looks young : )

Here are some interesting facts about Cumbre Vieja:
  • Volcanic explosions – Cumbre Vieja’s eruption has a low “explosive rate”. Due to the specific location of the volcano it’s eruptions can cause tsunamis. The euroption rate of Cumbre Vieja is really high and ads addition damage for the local people there.

Did you know that soundwaves are one of the fastest waves? They are mostly produces in the explosions. Can you challenge yourself against the explosion waves of Cumbre Vieja.

  • Always awake – the volcano is a highly active and in the past 7,000 years, a plethora of eruptions have taken place there. The latest eruption was in September 2021 – yeah, in the year when only volcanic eruptions were missing.

Here is one very small reason you should keep yourself in shape all the time. You never know when you will have to run for your life.

  • Shake your feet – Cumbre Vieja earthquakes are really frequent. Although many of the earthquakes are too slight to be felt by most people, a large number have exceeded 3 on the Richter Scale, including a 4.2-magnitude quake.
The ground beneath our feet always seems to shake when we run. Well in this case the shake is for real. This is a real danger, not your overworked muscles.

Sign up for Volcano VIRTUAL RUNS. Earn awesome medal, personal certificate, ranking,  fellow runners social community. Virtual events are organized on a fixed date. You run, walk or cycle where you live and complete the distance. After that you send us a screenshot and expect your beautiful medal and ranking.

Cumbre Vieja Active Volcano Virtual Challenge 8K/ 5mi

Finish your virtual run series with Cumbre Vieja LAVA VIRTUAL RUN  8K



The medals we designed include special elements that are unique for each place where the volcanoes are – from the design of the volcanoes themselves down to the ribbon. We want to provide you with great experience when you sport. We hope you like it.

They can destroy lives but they also can create it. As volcanoes burn with that energy they create themselves, they become better, stronger, powerful. That’s why created those medals – to remind you that sport melts down your worst so that your best can be seen. Use that to challenge yourself and become a better version of yourself. Now run!

Here is how you can participate and win your medal in our Virtual Runs:

Pick a challenge -> Track and send your results -> Get your medal
  1. Find and pick your virtual challenge
  • Pick a challenge that inspires you from our website HERE
  • It’s not necessary to create an account
  • Run ANYTIME & ANYPLACE to complete the challenge
  • USE ANY APP or SMARTWATCH to track your results
  • Run, Walk or Cycle
  • No deadline
  1. Track and send
  • Set a GOAL with your fitness APP, same as the challenge distance
  • Run at your convenience
  • You can split the runs
  • Complete the goal you set in your fitness app
  • Email us a screenshot or .gpx file to
  1. Get your stunning and winner’s medal
  • As a reward, you will get a state of the art WINNER’S MEDAL
  • Unique, modern medal design
  • We ship Worldwide
  • We mail out your medal via post within 2 business days after sending us the completed challenge screenshot or .gpx file
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